We’re getting 3.3 ready for beta Here’s the…

We’re getting 3.3 ready for beta. Here’s the gist of how things stand:

  • We’re doing daily (almost) bug scrubs in #wordpress-dev to drive down the ticket count.
  • Nacin is finishing up WP_Screen and the media button merge.
  • Koopersmith is finishing up tabbed help and flyout menu styling.
  • Pointers need some styling fixes to be called done enough for 3.3. Pointers will probably be for core only use in 3.3.
  • Admin bar needs final walk through and tweaks.
  • Welcome box and about this version page need final feedback and tweaks.
  • Some of the responsive admin work will be pushed to 3.4 so we have more time to get large screens looking the way we want. Ozz and Jaquith are on it.
  • Jane will check all UI/UX feedback tickets and leave comments.
  • All task (blessed) tickets should be updated with a comment on current status by the end of the day.
  • I will stroke my beard in a diabolical manner while everyone else works.
  • Okay, besides that I will be scrubbing bugs, working on more unit tests, and getting coffee for the JS guys.

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