Freeze (just in time for fall!)

It’s that time in the dev cycle again: feature freeze. As usual, we are running a bit behind. We were supposed to have freeze a week ago for everything being worked on by contributors, then a week for the core team to do a scrub and commit or punt all those enhancement/feature request tickets as well as finishing up their own 3.3 feature dev before full on freeze today. We gave contributors some extra time at last week’s dev chat as there were some features not quite ready (HTML emails, Settings CSS, etc). Sadly, the extra time didn’t lead to commits, and now we’re just a week behind. So!

This is freeze.

1. All enhancements and feature requests that do not have a ready patch will be punted.
2. All enhancements and feature requests that have a patch but no comments showing that the patch has been adequately tested will be punted.
3. All enhancements and feature requests that have a patch that has been adequately tested will be reviewed by the core team and either committed or punted.
4. No more enhancements or feature requests will be added to the 3.3 milestone.
5. The core team will commit their remaining new features, and Jane + some UX volunteers will do some testing of UI changes over the coming week. Core team (and anyone who volunteers to help) will revise UI of new features based on findings during testing on a rolling basis.

Then comes beta, during which we’ll be in bug-fix-only mode. Yes, there is such a thing as a UI “bug,” but “we should have done this sooner” is not a bug.

This cycle has already seen two deadline pushes, so from now on we’re going to do our best to be mercilessly strict with the deadlines, even if it means cutting things. Anything that isn’t ready will be cut. “not done” is not the same as “has bugs,” and we need to be better about respecting that difference. We had plenty of time to get these things in; we all made decisions about priorities over the last few months.

It is now too late to ask us to get something in for 3.3. Start working on it for early 3.4.

#3-3, #schedule