3.2 will be launching this week I know…

3.2 will be launching this week. I know everyone will be itching to start talking about features for 3.3, but I’d like to put a moratorium on that for a week or two so that we can spend some dedicated time looking at the GSoC projects.

We have a history of getting great students, being excited about their projects, then not paying much attention once they’re underway. We need to change this. These students are potentially the next generation of WordPress leaders, and we should be paying close attention to their work (and thinking about how we can use it).

As it happens, next week is midterm for the GSoC students, which is perfect timing for a review, since all students are meant to have their projects coded and ready for testing by this point. After 3.2 is released, I’d like all the leads and committers (and any other interested contributors) to look over each project and provide feedback to the student/mentor groups. We could do this on our student blog, in IRC chats, or a combination.

Does anyone have a problem with postponing 3.3 talks for a week so we can make sure our GSoC kids are on the right track?