Trac improvements!

A number of tweaks to Trac have just been pushed live, restoring our Trac template broken a few months ago and adding a number of new enhancements.

The biggest change is a new workflow for keywords. (Believe it or not, the JS is mine.) It is now a nifty tag list with a drop-down:

Keyword workflow improvements

I tried to order them in a way that makes sense. Recognized keywords also have tooltips explaining what they mean. As a last resort, you can still manually edit keywords by clicking the little link. Also, a few keywords will be hidden for most users.

The new warning when creating a ticket.
Other changes:

  • There’s now a giant warning when creating a ticket. (Embedded at right.) Most of the text is from our old template, and the visual was inspired by jQuery’s warning.
  • Tickets are again left-aligned. The ticket properties and attachments should also now be easier to scan. The Modify section is now open by default again.
  • Gravatars are back for comments, and were added to reporters and owners.
  • The After the Deadline button is back, and integrated nicely into the toolbar. (You can see this in either screenshot.)
  • Long ticket titles no longer force horizontal scrolling on reports.
  • There is now a license note when uploading a patch.

Please suggest any other Trac improvements, and find me if there are any bugs.