As 3.1 winds down and early 3.2 developm…

As 3.1 winds down and early 3.2 development is likely to start soon, I’m trying to make Trac a bit more usable, ranging from reports to the theme itself.

I’ve been tinkering with report 40, Tickets Awaiting Review. It now uses the type of ticket, version it was reported against, and keywords, to create five groups of tickets:

  • Defects Awaiting Review, reported against trunk (or no version number specified)
  • Defects Awaiting Review, reported against latest branch
  • Defects Awaiting Review (all other bugs)
  • Enhancements Awaiting Review (includes feature requests)
  • Reporter Feedback / Close (tickets marked for reporter-feedback or close, which overrides the other groups)

Each group is then sorted in descending order from when the ticket was last modified. Right now the first two groups are the same, but I’ll modify the report once 3.2 development starts.

Ideally, this will allow us to better track and triage incoming tickets. It also increases the significance of the ‘Version’ field (version it was reported against, but ideally earliest version to which the ticket applies) and removing reporter-feedback when feedback is provided.

I’ll be working on report 39 (Candidates for 3.2) soon. Suggestions welcome for improvements on both.