We spun WordPress 3.1 off into a branch….

We spun WordPress 3.1 off into a branch. Several of us are at the WordCamp Phoenix core development workshop, and wanted to be able to tackle some minor enhancements or bugs so that we can get “buy in” by the participants and get them their first props.

Subversion switch your test installs to branches/3.1. Except for today at the workshop, we’re not going to be doing any 3.2 stuff. Don’t get distracted! We still need you to test the heck out of 3.1, and are hopeful that we can release soon.

Update: I created a “wcphx” milestone, against which we can close any tickets we do today. That will become the 3.2 milestone after 3.1 is released, so we have the historical record that the tickets were closed against 3.2. I just don’t want to call it 3.2 now or people will start putting tickets in that milestone. 🙂

Update 2: We sort of ran out of time before we got to committing stuff. Got a lot of people hooked up with local dev environments (or better local dev environments). and spent a lot of time getting them up to speed on Trac. And of course spreading the gospel of debug bar. Going to just leave the 3.1 branch. We’d have to create it in a few days anyway. So until 3.1 launches, trunk and branches/3.1 should remain identical.