Agenda for dev chat tomorrow, 12/29/10, …

Agenda for dev chat tomorrow, 12/29/10, the last one of the year:

  • What do we need to do to get from RC1 to launch for 3.1. Top Priority.
  • Code-in: we need more people willing to review tickets and act as mentors. please volunteer if you are a regular core contributor. Pick a couple of tickets in the future release milestone that you want to see happen, post them in the code-in app, if a student picks one, when they return with a patch within a few days, look it over and say pass, need more work (make suggestions), or no good. Anyone? Bueller?
  • Priorities for 2011. Core leadership meetup will be Jan 10-16 this year, posted about it on .org main blog and created a forum thread to take suggestions and questions for video town hall. Thinking maybe we’ll time the town hall during normal dev chat time that week, but will post when we hack out a schedule.