As everyone knows, we’re behind on the …

As everyone knows, we’re behind on the 3.1 releaseRelease A release is the distribution of the final version of an application. A software release may be either public or private and generally constitutes the initial or new generation of a new or upgraded application. A release is preceded by the distribution of alpha and then beta versions of the software. schedule, and as we have not hit RC yet, it’s unlikely we’ll release before the end of the year. Sad Christmas. There are 11 tickets in the milestone right now. I know it’s the holidays, so people are busy, but it also means people are taking time off work and hanging around killing time in a lot of cases, so if everyone could pitch in and test the crap out of things, that would be great.

This release has had fewer contributors than previous ones, and while some put that on the shorter dev cycle, I don’t know that that’s really right, since 3 months in on any release we usually have more activity. It’s easy to leave it all to @nacin since he’s fast and everything, but we really need more people trying to break things and find actual technical bugs to help ensure that we don’t wind up shipping a release that hasn’t been widely tested. Thanks!

(And happy holidays! Today specifically, happy Festivus!)