Twenty Ten 1.2 “RC”

These are the changes for Twenty Ten 1.2:

Bug fixes:

  • r15520 – Make sure we have a headerHeader The header of your site is typically the first thing people will experience. The masthead or header art located across the top of your page is part of the look and feel of your website. It can influence a visitor’s opinion about your content and you/ your organization’s brand. It may also look different on different screen sizes. image before showing it.
  • r15658 – Fixes header positioning in the IE9 betaBeta A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to trial under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing in-house and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as part of the process..
  • r15532 – Fixes some font issues in IE6 due to incompatible selector.
  • r15609 – image handling adjustments, which should fix some issues. See #14303.


  • r15762 r15763 – Use get_template_part() in single.php, attachment.php, page.php, onecolumn-page.php. Introduces loopLoop The Loop is PHP code used by WordPress to display posts. Using The Loop, WordPress processes each post to be displayed on the current page, and formats it according to how it matches specified criteria within The Loop tags. Any HTML or PHP code in the Loop will be processed on each post. This is a backwards compatible change, as any child themeChild theme A Child Theme is a customized theme based upon a Parent Theme. It’s considered best practice to create a child theme if you want to modify the CSS of your theme. currently overriding single.php or loop.php will be entirely unaffected. Child themes can now override the loop in these files individually, by using loop-single.php, loop-page.php, or loop-attachment.php. (In loop-page.php, they can also use in_page_template() for the extra level of context.)

These will now be backported to the 3.0 branchbranch A directory in Subversion. WordPress uses branches to store the latest development code for each major release (3.9, 4.0, etc.). Branches are then updated with code for any minor releases of that branch. Sometimes, a major version of WordPress and its minor versions are collectively referred to as a "branch", such as "the 4.0 branch". and Ian Stewart will soon be preparing a zip file for the themes directory.

If there are other outstanding issues that should be addressed in Twenty Ten 1.2, please link to them in the comments. Otherwise expect a release soon.

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