CPT enhancements

I’m trying to put together a small but well-defined set of enhancements that custom post types deserve consideration in 3.1.

What I have so far is this:

  • Opt-in archive/index pages for custom post types
  • Opt-in default meta capability handling for custom post types
  • Improve the custom post status API, and make them type-specific

Beyond that, I’m also thinking about opt-in ways to get more than the default post types displayed on other views. As it is now, we currently also allow searching for pages for example, so we would more or less be extending that. You may want to allow a post type to show up on the category or tag pages, for example. The API ideally wouldn’t be more complicated than, say, register_taxonomy_for_object_type.

What are your thoughts? Let me know your pet bugs, peeves, and workarounds. (Just keep in mind we’re aiming for small, defined scope here. KISS.)