Proposed teams for

We have created more than a half-dozen teams for the initiative, based on various discussions, ideas, and proposals. As a general disclaimer, these may evolve over the next few days.

API Reference. This team will build a comprehesive API reference based on inline documentation, and integrated closely with the handbooks. Lead: Nacin. Members: duck_, koopersmith, jorbin, mikeschinkel, benbalter.

Handbooks. This team will edit a series of handbooks, with the ultimate goal of one each for users, multisite admins, plugin developers, theme developers, and core contributors. Lead: Jane. Editors: Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Andrea Rennick, Doug Provencio, Aaron Jorbin, Andrew Nacin, and others TBA.

bbPress as a Plugin. This team will concentrate on creating a bbPress plugin for WordPress. Lead: JJJ. Member: PeteMall.

We’re going to create a few teams to focus on the plugins directory. These teams may overlap and in some instances work together, but it is important to primarily work in small teams with manageable, defined scope. More about our general goals in this blog post.

Plugin Directory: Support and Management. Develop tools enabling plugin authors to better support their plugins, and for better administrative management. Lead: Mark Jaquith. Members: beaulebens, Dougal, WDS-Brad, Glenn Ansley.

Plugin Directory: Community. Improve user interaction with the directory, such as user reviews, adoption, comments. Lead: Peter. Members: filosofo, Dan Cole, Brian Layman, Michael Torbert.

Plugin Directory: Core Integration. Improve installer, upgrades, compatibility reports, Lead: Ryan. Members: TBD..

UI Working Group: Will assist other teams. Lead: Jane. Members: JohnONolan, TECannon, Dremeda, MT, Kevin Conboy.

We have identified two additional projects that would need teams to proceed:

i18n Projects. Improving the management of localized plugins, and also providing better tools for localized communities.

Plugin Directory: Stats. SVN notifications, improvements to Trac, better stats for plugin developers (and aggregate, public download stats).

Quick hits for what’s not on here and why. Ideas forum: It’s a GSoC project by Justin Shreve. Themes directory: We hope lessons learned in the plugins directory projects can be carried over to the themes directory. Forums: We believe the plugins directory and the bbPress projects will offer incremental improvements to the forums. Codex: See API reference and handbooks. Profiles: We’ve realized without studying this well and developing a solid direction, a profiles project could flop. We’re going to go ahead with these projects and discuss profiles in the near future. Site content and design: We’ll get there.

If you’re not on here, we’re sorry. We either omitted you accidentally, or weren’t sure what you want to commit to, or didn’t know enough about you to offer you an assignment. Please let us know where you’d like to be involved in the comments (links to your website, portfolio, etc would be useful). Just note that some of these teams are already pretty much at their maximum, as we want to them to be agile pirate/ninja teams. But we don’t want to leave anyone out who wants to enlist their skills and feels they can contribute.