GSoC Students Announced

Will write up a post with more detail after the new laptop is set up, but in meantime, here’s the list of students and their mentors:

Barry Carlyon, WP as bug tracker. Mentors: Thorsten Ott, Westi as backup.

Jon Stacey, API stream wrapper. Mentors: Aaron Campbell, Nikolay as backup.

Kunal Bhalla, Events plugin. Mentor: John James Jacoby.

Silviu Cristian Burca (Scribu), Ajaxify admin. Mentor: Nikolay Bachiyski.

Daryl Koopersmith, Visual CSS Editor. Mentor: Beau Lebens.

Justin Shreve, Theme for WP-based ideas forum. Mentors: Jane Wells, Andy Skelton.

Mike Whitfield, Dashboard setup/achievements. Mentor: Mark Jaquith.

Stanislav Suscov, ScholarPress expansion. Mentors: Jeremy Boggs, Boone Gorges.

Wojciech Langiewicz (Wojtek), Full-throttle trac annihilation. Mentor: Ryan Boren.

Andrew Nacin, Theme revisions/child theme inclusion/editor. Mentors: Skelton, Beau, All.

Brian McKenna, Automatic WP migration. Mentor: Dion Hulse (dd32).

Sunil Kumar, atom/ for BuddyPress. Mentor: Andy Peatling.

Alexandr Truhin, Project revision to come, something around dashboard. Mentor: John Godley.

Francesco Laffi, media and moderation/reporting for BuddyPress. Mentors: Boone Gorges, Andy Peatling.

Matt Harzewski, comment moderation improvements and associated dashboard improvements. Mentor: Austin Matzko (filosofo).

Congratulations, everyone!