Meeting Summary for April 15, 2010 Dev Chat

  • We’re behind on menus. Ptah was working on it but has been MIA for a week or so, so filosofo is going to take charge along with a couple of potential helpers. If it can be done by Monday, we’ll move forward with menus for 3.0. If not, we’ll make the bummer-but-sensible decision to pull menus from 3.0, put it in a plugin for now to reduce the pushback on 3.0 release date, and hope for an earlyish 3.1 release.
  • There are also a ton of bugs being reported with custom post types, multisite, etc. Even without menus, we’re not ready for RC, which means we would be pressing our luck to release on May 1. Consensus is that May 1 is more likely to be an RC with an announcement of wide release to come, but we’ll see. A few people who have been relatively inactive the last couple of weeks are planning to crank up the WP time in their lives now, so we’ll see if that helps us recover from being so far behind. If there is any chance of making the May 1 release date, that would be ideal.
  • We got 16 GSoC slots, and are currently deciding which students we’ll mentor.