Meeting notes for 3/25/2010, added live:…

Meeting notes for 3/25/2010, added live:
* Feature status and schedule update – all. rboren: Menus have firmed up, no more changes to how things are stored, just UI changes. Still need accessible version. Need to get lighter header done johnonolan working on patch this weekend. Multiple post thumbnails not done, markjaquith has been slammed with work, will try to finish over weekend, if not, punt. Schedule: have missed the beta period beginning, need to get menus done first.

* Inline documentation of the twentyten theme – demetris. Referenced post at and second argument on function, which had no documentation. We need to document functions.php. phpdoc in functions.php, and conversational elsewhere, maybe. jorbin will take a first pass tomorrow.

* Front end AJAX endpoint – best solution discussion ( – dd32. “wp-ajax.php will be removed for various reasons (#12400). The consensus was stronger for better education, not a new file.” code from rboren: admin_url(‘admin-ajax.php’, ‘http’) forces http.

* Menus – Ryan
Will be following the new wireframe. Need to finish before beta. Jane will do revised more detailed wireframe on Friday, pthdnbr will take lead on code.
*Code sprint at WCSF – Jane Monday and Tuesday after WCSF at Pier 38. Hacker Days/Code Sprint. Details to come.

* Information provided for update checks from multisite installs ( – denis de bernardy
* Making the agregate stats data public – denis de bernardy
Privacy vs. utility.