Ideas Forum Update

I went on a tear and obsessively went though every single thread in the ideas forum. It went from having about 2900 threads when I started a couple of months ago, to having about 1700 when I got sucked into it this week, to about 120 now. It’s very close to being useful again, and I just need some help on the last round of threads that are a bit over my head technically to know the right way to resolve them. Using the more tag here so that this won’t take over wpdevel, but if you want to help, click through, please!

Okay, so I closed all the duplicates, all the things that we’ve talked about to death and remanded to plugin territory, etc. I’m left with about 120 threads that I need people with more expertise to comment on/decide the resolution. If everyone takes 5 or 10 to just open, scan, and leave a comment about it, it would allow us to declare the Ideas forum open for new business. We could move the should we/shouldn’t we feature and UI debates out of trac and into Ideas, where more people can weigh in, and let Trac be more focused on bugs, accepted improvements, and debates on how to do something rather than going through 3-4 release cycles debating if it should be done at all. It would reduce Trac emails and allow the committers to get through tickets faster.

Anyway, grab any of these if you can help. If your comment will indicate that the thread can be closed, please add the modlook tag to it so I can take care of it (and I’ll cross it off the list here). Thanks!

Asking for a hook, tag or function:

Code stuff I don’t know about:


Features I’m not sure about: