Meeting summary for March 18, 2010: Agen…

Meeting summary for March 18, 2010:


  • Menu management feature scope creep and accessibility – Jane – Postponed at Jane’s request
  • Manual vs. automated POT generation for 2010 – Nikolay
  • Link Update checker ( – dd32 – Update checker removed
  • Project schedule update – All


  • There will be a bot that regularly commits an updated POT file for twentyten.
  • Beta was bumped to the 22nd, because menus needed more time and to allow for SXSW recovery.
  • Jane is doing usability testing on menu management.
  • #12142 (cookie issues related to keys/salts and multisite) was brought up as a good one to handle before beta.
  • A MacOS-related filesystem ticket (#12637) was also brought up, at which point the dev chat more or less trailed off, and conversations about specific tickets continued.