I’m kind of thrown by what has turned up in menus since I looked at it two days ago. It appears that you can now add everything under the sun to a custom menu. The feature we talked about adding in 3.0 was to support adding pages, categories, and links. As v1 of the feature, I think it’s important we rein ourselves in here. Advanced menu stuff belongs in a plugin, not in core. It could be a core plugin, but having the default menu creator in v1 have that many options (post, page, link, tag, category, media file) is going too far and is outside the scope we all approved. We need a *basic* menu feature that plugins can build on; we should not put the whole kit and caboodle in core. If we want to put out a core plugin to add all the other stuff, I would support that, but for core I think we need to strip it back a little and focus on making it accessible.