Meeting summary (live blog), March 4, 20…

Meeting summary (live blog), March 4, 2010:

  • GSoC. Time to get project ideas and mentors rounded up. jjj volunteered for BP-related projects. dd32 will be a backup mentor.
  • I18n-or-not of 2010. nikolayb suggested removal b/c it confuses authors. Others thought authors should step up and learn. majority rule said let’s do it, and use education to help theme designers.
  • Needs-refresh keyword usage. dd32/nacin suggested. we all like idea. use this tag if a patch is stale on trac.
  • Single install > multisite upgrade path issue. Probably shouldn’t make it too easy for less experienced users to shoot themselves in foot. Only make the multisite part accessible after a change to wpconfig. One suggestion was to have db change be the trigger instead of wpconfig, but rboren pointed out it’s a one time thing, don’t want to trigger queries.
  • Ryan already went ahead and changed Network in menu to Super Admin. No one minds. Capes being ordered.
  • Suggested changing Upgrades to Updates in menu, and moving to Dashboard section instead of tools for better visibility. Also a different nag message, maybe a button in header instead of yellow status alert.
  • Usability testing next week in Austin at SxSW. Testing menus, some screens with ui changes, finding themes/plugins, etc.
  • Also, WordPress BBQ at SxSW on March 14 at lunchtime. Details to come from Jane.
  • Schedule update: on track, just need to keep hammering through tickets. Testing should be completed with recommendations delivered before beta begins.
  • Tabbed UI from themes screen will be tested before deciding whether to apply to plugins screen as well.
  • Code sprint right after WCSF? Beau=yes. jjj-maybe. technosailor=probably not, but maybe. josephscott=yes. nikolayb=yes. wds-brad=yes. markjaquith=via skype video.