Meeting Summary Feb 25, 2010 Agenda: * S…

Meeting Summary Feb 25, 2010


  • Sprint status
  • Woo Menus update
  • Merge update
  • Schedule update
  • Multi-site configuration implementation


  • Sprint Status. Lots of patches being committed. Can always use more patches and more testing. Do it by Monday or hold your peace until next cycle for enhancements and feature requests.
  • Menus, janewells. Coming along nicely in trunk. The UI looks more like a plugin than core, so changes listed on wpdevel being worked on. Accessibility will be worked on after freeze. pthdnbr, filosofo and dremeda offered to tackle accessibility.Jane will make tickets for items in the wpdevel post.
  • Merge update, wpmuguru and rboren. Patches, patches and more patches.
  • Schedule update. On track for March 1 freeze.
  • Non-agenda topic: hakre brought up test suite. Core devs agreed patches are top priority until freeze, and test suite can be looked at after freeze.
  • Multi-site configuration implementation, westi. Suggested a code change from constant to filter, wpmuguru agreed along with others in chat. See chat transcript for specific code snippets. Westi pondering doing it for AUTOSAVE/TRASH intervals as well.

Shortest meeting ever.