Plugins can now include videos in their readme.txt files

The plugins directory now supports videos in readme.txt files. YouTube, Vimeo, and VideoPress videos are supported.

Videos are included using one of two formats.

Shortcode: YouTube, Vimeo, VideoPress

Include a normal looking shortcode anywhere in the readme.txt file.

For YouTube and Vimeo, the shortcode has one unnamed parameter: the video’s URL.


For VideoPress videos, the shortcode has one unnamed parameter: the video’s ID. The shortcode can be copied from the video’s embed menu.

[wpvideo OO4thna8]

To prevent shortcodes from being parsed, enclose the shortcode in backticks.

`[wpvideo OO4thna8]`

Autolink: YouTube, Vimeo

Include a YouTube or Vimeo URL by itself on its own line in the readme.txt file.


The Validator shows the videos too.

NB: Directly including object/embed HTML into the readme.txt file is not supported; the goal of the readme.txt file is to be human readable.

PS: Videos are not currently supported as replacements for screenshot images in the screenshots section. It’s silly that the Plugins Directory doesn’t yet support that 🙂 It’s on the todo.