Meeting Summary for February 18, 2010 Dev Chat

  • Menu management needs work. Jeffikus and wpmuguru will work together this week to try some fixing up to use custom post types. Dogfood, eaten.
  • Rboren says we can bump jQuery UI to 1.7.2 in core to work with menus.Made change during meeting:
  • We’re behind schedule. Going to bump 2 weeks to target for launch May 1. Will update project schedule page later tonight.
  • WordPress Planet discussion not core code talk, so going to set up a forum thread on
  • Westi going to write up a short description for this site about what is considered in scope for dev chats.
  • Core plugins are coming along slowly but surely. When there’s something to look at westi will announce it. Both health-check and post-by-email are close to Alpha state. Anyone interested in getting involved should join the appropriate mailing list:
  • Nacin, our most recently added committer, has created a report,, that lists all enhancements and feature requests <= 3.0. That excludes tasks, bugs, and multisite (since we need to include these things).
  • Taking advantage of the delayed schedule, next week will be a patch sprint.