MarkR is on the front lines of keeping b…

MarkR is on the front lines of keeping bad stuff out of the plugin directory, probably 10k+ over the years. As with any high-volume moderation endeavor his strategy is dynamic and, yes, mistakes are sometimes made.

Please do not take single line one-offs in IRC as edicts from on high or canon and reinterpret your entire worldview of around them. Not everything is written in stone, sometimes things will be ambiguous either because we’re still figuring them out, or because the situation is dynamic.

It’s only worth stressing out over if it’s hindering us in a major way. There are many hundreds of new plugins added to the directory every week, more than anyone could use in a lifetime, so while I’m sorry one guy had a bad experience I’m not going to lose sleep over it. It’s not OMG-PLUGINS-DIR-IS-BROKEN.

Given 10 minutes to discuss the directory in a meetup, it’s sad we would focus on trivia over things that are actually broken and hindering us, like: changeset notification, email subscription to plugin updates, better tagging of forum threads, allowing plugin authors to moderate forum threads under their tag, discussion lists, bug trackers.

That is how empires crumble. Focus on tactics over strategy, administrivia over users, bikesheds. As with mailing lists, the people with the most time to argue their case seldom overlap with the people with the most to add to the discussion, and eventually it becomes 100% noise. Please don’t pollute the weekly meetups, they’re one of our last bastions of signal.