Summary of Feb 4th 2010 Dev Chat

First of all Matt Thomas gave us an update on the state of the 2010 theme development. The theme is close to being finished. The main thing left to be done is the custom background color/image picker. You can see the code in action here: –

Next wpmuguru gave us an update on the status of the merge. It looks like everything is going well and a lot of positive feedback is being received. Work has started on reviewing the adminadmin (and super admin) UIUI User interface now that the merge has been mainly completed so as to ensure we have a consistent UXUX User experience.

We had another discussion about menu management and the direction in which we would like to take the UX for it. The general consensus was that we needed a clear UI/UX direction before moving on with this feature. Jane agreed to organise for some wireframes to be developed and made available for discussion with the aim of making a decision next week once some community feedback on the wireframes had been received.

We had a quick update of the status on the coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. plugins which are progressing all be it slowly. We hope to have alpha versions available for people to test soon.

Last of all we had an in-depth discussion on escaping like clauses and the interaction with the other pieces of the SQL escaping puzzle.