We may need another minor MU release due…

We may need another minor MU release due to some outstanding bugs.

12082 is harder than it seems to fix because older versions stored the attachment path differently. Editing images doesn’t work in MU right now. I need to install an older MU and examine how files are stored there.

There’s the wp_die() problem and this WP_DEBUG ticket, 12041, comes up when installing MU. That’s easy to fix. It’s a major problem because new users are seeing a PHP error when they haven’t configured their database correctly before installing.

And a small curl fix somehow escaped my attention when merging.

I’ve also given some thought to upgrading current MU sites – we’ll need a version of WordPress 3.0 that’s packaged like an MU zip file. The only real difference is the directory will be “wordpress-mu” instead of “wordpress” and it’ll be hosted on mu.wordpress.org like current downloads are.