Call for WordCamp Mentors!

Last year 127 WordCamps took place all around the world! Thanks in large part to a rapidly growing WordPress meetup program we’re on track for even more WordCamps in 2018.

As the program continues to grow we need to find new ways to give WordCamp organizers the support they need to make these events great. With that in mind we’re hoping to grow the number of community members supporting WordCamps by scaling up our WordCamp Mentorship program.

Are you an experienced WordCamp lead organizer or former lead organizer? Are you looking for a way to continue or further your support of folks in the WordPress community and help improve the WordCamp experience for organizers and attendees? Do you have 2-3 hours a month to share with WordCamp organizers?

If so we sure could use your help as a WordCamp mentor!

Requirements to be a mentor:

  • You’ve been the lead organizer of a WordCamp from application through completion of the event in the last 5 years.
  • You have 2-3 hours available per month per event you’re actively mentoring

Requirements of a mentor:

  • Meet bi-weekly with your assigned organizer to advise them, remind them about things organizers frequently forget, and to keep them on track in planning.
  • Be the organizing team’s connection to WordCamp Central.
  • Post about your mentorship check-ins on weekly Make/Community updates post.

If this all sounds like something you’re ready, willing, and able to take on then let’s get you started in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the mentor self-training (should take 30-60 minutes):
  2. Fill out the Mentor Application contact form at the bottom of the WordCamp Mentorship handbook page:
  3. We’ll reach out to you to let you know when the next mentor orientation calls are being held so you can sign up for the time that works best for you!

If you know someone who’d be a great WordCamp mentor please send them our way! Have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

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WordCamp Incubator Program 2018 announcement

As it was pre-announced some months ago, we’re very happy to say that the WordCamp Incubator Program is back!

The WordCamp Incubator program was born in 2016 as an experiment and it was described as:

The intention of the incubator program is to help spread WordPress to underserved areas through providing more significant organizing support for a first event. In practical terms, this experiment means we’ll be choosing three cities in 2016 where there is not an active WordPress community — but where it seems like there is a lot of potential and where there are some people excited to become organizers — and will help to organize their first WordCamp. These WordCamps will be small, one-day, one-track events geared toward the goal of generating interest and getting people involved in creating an ongoing local community.

You can read about the sucess of this first phase in this report. Based on our experiences in Denpasar (Indonesia), Harare (Zimbawe) and Medellín (Colombia), we’re very excited to open the:

Call for Incubator cities

So, where should the next incubators be? If you have always wanted a WordCamp in your city but haven’t been able to get a community started, this is a great opportunity. We will be taking applications for the next weeks, then will get in touch with everyone who applied to discuss the possibilities. We will announce the  cities chosen by the end of March.

To apply, fill in the application by March 15, 2018. You don’t need to have any specific information handy, it’s just a form to let us know you’re interested. You can apply to nominate your city even if you don’t want to be the main organizer, but for this experiment  we will need local liaisons and volunteers, so please only nominate cities where you live or work so that we have at least one local connection to begin.

Call for Incubator co-leads

This challenging job will be an exciting opportunity for experienced WordCamp organizers that particularly enjoy the “start up” phase of the community, and who have successfully transitioned out of active leadership in their local community. (This is frequently “start a community from scratch” work, and the communities have to be self-sufficient at for the project to be effective).

As mentioned in the pre-announcement post, this role is very time-intensive, requiring consistent and frequent interaction with the local team. Not everyone can commit 250 hours in a year to a volunteer role. But if you’re willing to become an Incubator co-lead and are committed to it, please apply here filling in the application by March 31, 2018.

Thanks, and good luck!

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CampTix sales through PayPal Weekend Outage

On Saturday we got two separate reports that ticket sales were not working:

Sales were disrupted from (roughly) 0100 UTC on Saturday, Feb 11 until 2200 UTC on the same day. If any WordCamp organizer received complaints during that time, sales are back up and you can ask attendees to try their purchases again.

Swag report 5/16/16- 5/22/16

Lanyard 100 packs sent: 7

WordCamp OC: 4
WordCamp NEO: 3

Button & sticker 200 packs sent: 2

WordCamp OC: 1
WordCamp NEO: 1

Button & sticker 100 packs sent: 1

Hanoi meetup: 1

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Swag report 5/2/16 – 5/8/16

Lanyard 100 packs sent: 8

WordCamp Kansas City: 3
WordCamp Bhopal: 5

Button & sticker 200 packs sent: 2

WordCamp Kansas City: 1
WordCamp Bhopal: 1

Button & sticker 100 packs sent: 1

Bhopal Meetup: 1

#community-management, #meetup, #swag, #wordcamp

Swag Report 4/25/16 – 5/1/16

Lanyard 100 packs sent: 3

WordCamp Asheville: 3

Button & sticker 200 packs sent: 1

WordCamp Asheville: 1

Button & sticker 100 packs sent: 0

#community-management, #meetups-2, #swag, #wordcamp

Swag Report 4/18/16 – 4/24/16

Lanyard 100 packs sent: 21
WordCamp Europe: 21

Button & sticker 200 packs sent: 5
WordCamp Europe: 5

Button & sticker 100 packs sent: 4
Kailua-Kona Meetup: 1
La Plata Meetup: 1
Cordoba Meetup: 1
Buenos Aires Meetup: 1

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Switching PayPal accounts for CampTix

Heads up! Today we’re changing the PayPal account that’s connected to CampTix from the account owned by the WordPress Foundation to an account owned by the Foundation’s subsidiary, WordPress Community Support, PBC.

Since we have already talked to PayPal about making this switch, they know to expect high volume on this new account, and we don’t anticipate any issues with payment processing for WordCamp tickets. If you notice issues with ticket purchasing, please notify us in in the #meta-wordcamp channel, and we’ll investigate.

This change will, unfortunately, break self-serve refunds for folks who have purchased tickets in the past 2 months. We’re going to handle those refunds manually. This will be inconvenient, but we think the hassle is worth the benefit of creating a clean financial break with the Foundation for ticket revenue.

As of today, if you are contacted by an attendee requesting a refund for a ticket purchased between 1/1/2016 and 3/1/2016, please email with the following info:

Purchaser’s name:
Purchaser’s email address:
PayPal Transaction ID for the ticket purchase:
Date of the ticket purchase:
Date of the event:

As long as the ticket purchase happened between between 1/1/2016 and 3/1/2016 and the refund request came in before the event, we will refund the ticket within a week of receiving the email to We’ll probably do refunds in batches on a weekly basis, I’m guessing on Fridays. 🙂

Got a question? Ask in the comments!

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WordCamp and Meetup Status Doc

For a while now Deputies have been using the WordCamp Status Doc to track the status of WordCamps from application to completion, but it’s not used only for tracking the status of WordCamps. It’s also used to track the status of Meetups. I’ve changed the document title to make its contents clearer and to remind us all that it’s the place we should record (and find) statuses for both WordCamps and Meetup groups. It’s the same document with the same information it had before, but now with a more explanatory title.

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If you’ve been approved as a WordCamp organizer…

If you’ve been approved as a WordCamp organizer, and haven’t already been assigned a mentor or contacted us about a mentor, please send a request to with the following information so that we can process your request in a timely manner:

  • Subject: [WordCamp YOURWORDCAMPNAME 2016] WordCamp Mentorship Request
  • Your Name
  • WordCamp Location
  • Month/Year of your WordCamp event
  • Number of years organizing
  • Previous mentor (if applicable)

We have a limited number of Mentors available around the world. Currently that list consists of the following people: @digisavvy, @dimensionmedia, @kcristiano, @savione, @00sleepy, @miss_jwo, @adityakane, @dustyf, @hlashbrooke, @judiknight, @karenalma, @nofearinc, @mayukojpn, and @davidlaietta.

With as many WordCamps as we have, many of the folks listed above are already mentoring two or more camps already. Needless to say, we need more help. If you’re willing to help out with WordCamp mentoring, have experience being the lead organizer for a WordCamp, and most importantly have the time to help, please leave a comment below so that we can talk to you about what’s involved.

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