WordCamp Europe 2018 – Squad Goals

In a previous post we collected ideas for projects we could tackle together diring Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe 2018. We had a couple of comments and we threw a few ideas around during our most recent chat (recap to be done).

Thanks mainly to @andreamiddleton we have a number of tasks, now we need some “squad” leads. I will ping some of you in the comments and in Slack to see if you are up to leading one of the initiatives.

I will also add a card for each task in the brand new Trello board for the Community Team. The Trello board is a work in project and I just started it, bare with me… we will ask someone from the Marketing Team how they manage theirs so we can get up to speed asap.

Here is the list of the tasks: for each one I tried to add the relevant links so we don’t have to waste time looking for them on the day. If there is already someone attached to the task I added their names as well.

Ideas for experienced contributors

Ideas for less experienced contributors

  • Search through meetup.com event titles for ones that have run the Speaker Training (and/or Diversity Outreach) materials and aren’t in our spreadsheet yet (@tinat@jillbinder)
  • search through meetup.com event titles and list suggestions for interesting/unusual meetup event formats/topics that could be recommended in future meetup organizer newsletters
  • test and help write documentation for the personalized schedule tool (@psykro)
  • create a list of groups (sorted geographically) working on diversity and inclusion in tech, as a resource for WordPress groups that want to do diversity outreach
  • summarize 2017 accomplishments (@francina + @bph)
  • summarize proposed 2018 goals, check if someone is actively working on them and add them to Trello.
  • adding email templates for responding to life-threatening allergy and a11y needs notifications to the handbooks. See comments in this post for reference. Work with Attendee Services Team from WCEU
  • write a “How to build a diverse speaker roster” handbook page (@tinat@jillbinder)
  • translate the replies in HelpScout to different languages (cross team effort with Polyglots)
  • Meetup organisers round table. (@bph) Recaps and next steps:

Things that probably will not happen but if they do it would be great!

  • Start a conversation with @chanthaboune about team representatives: expectations, tasks, number of people involved (@francina + @hlashbrooke)
  • Start a conversation with @jennybeaumont about the WordCamp Talks project
  • Either publish something about the team structure and the decision making process or kill it forever (since without doing anything formal we changed completely the way we operate in the past 12 months I am inclined to kill it, but might be worth to have one final brief discussion for closure):@francina + @chanthaboune + @andreamiddleton + @miss_jwo (people that attended the previous discussion at WCUS)
  • Work on the “Community Team – Meet up emails” that was started at WordCamp London. I will ping the people that were present there to see if they are interested in continuing with the task

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WordCamp Europe 2018 – Community Team Plans

Yesterday I was reminded by a nice poem that WordCamp Europe 2018 is 50 days away. Woot woot!

The day has yet to come,
but we can already hit the drum.
You may or may not know,
that today marks 50 days until the show.
So, it’s time to plan your stay,
hey, you don’t want to miss the day.
Book the hotels, get your flights,
and get ready to see Belgrade’s lights.
#WCEU pic.twitter.com/dPt8xKNz1i

— WordCamp Europe (@WCEurope) 25 aprile 2018


WordCamp Europe and WordCamp US are what we consider flagship events and are always a great opportunity for teams to get together, contribute and onboard more people. There are going to be a whole lot of us present and we should take advantage of that and maximize our time together.

This year, in addition to the Contributor Day, there is a Community Room, which sounds like an amazing opportunity to continue conversations or start new ones in a nice environment. Here is the info we have from the WCEU team:


The Community Room will be open all day on both days of the main conference. It is located just off the area where both the Get Involved table and the Happiness bar will be set up, so is the perfect place to take any longer conversations that start there over to. The room will be set up with tables and chairs as well as some more comfy seating. Any Make groups who want to continue work in this space left over from Contrib day can. If you think some paperboards or whiteboards might be useful, let us know, we can probably work something out. Note, like last year, Contrib Day is the day *prior* to the conference. So the Community Room is thought of as carry over from Contrib day as desired. It won’t be a restristed space either – someone who needs to take a work call or shoot off some emails or whatever would be welcome to hang there.


This room is not “mandatory” for any team, it’s meant to be for people who’d like to continue contributing, or who weren’t able to attend Contributor Day, or haven’t heard of Contributor Day, etc It is mostly to create bridge between conference days and Contributor Day and to generally increase awareness for contributing to the project.

As we did last year, please add in the comments ideas and suggestions for tasks we could work on together while in Belgrade and ideas for the Community Room: again, presence there is not mandatory, so there is no pressure to “staff the table”, but it is definitely a great initiative and we could think of something cool for it as well.

Deadline to comment is May 18 so we can discuss this during the next two Community chats: after that date I will summarise in a post (like the one we had last year) and we will go from there!

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WordCamp Europe Contributor Day – Community Team Plans

With WordCamp Europe quickly coming up, I would like to do a call out for anyone coming to the Contributor Day and can lead one of the following groups/ sub groups to please comment below.

We have had p2 call out, a chat on Slack where we reviewed the p2 results and have grouped the following things as items for the Community team to concentrate on.

  1. Community Documentation

    This would include, but not limited to:

    • Internationalising the handbook as required to give better support for non North American events and/ or organisers whose primary language is not English.
    • Translating the WordCamp Organising Handbook into different languages (and to find at least 2 contributors per translation to subscribe them to the make/comm blog for updating changes)
    • Work on the Contributor Day handbook
    • Work on the Meet Up Handbook
    • Set up a single location for community team documentation such as flyers, wappus and any other material

    Call for community help:

    We need as many people as possible. People with any of the following will be great:

    • Anyone who likes reading
    • Experience in organising a WordCamp
    • Experience in organising a local meet up as part of the chapter program or as a independent
    • People who enjoy writing/ checking spelling mistakes/ grammar etc.

    Please have your own laptop for this.

  2. Organiser Orientations

    Note for WordCamp and Meet Up organisers:

    If you are thinking or have already submitted a meet up or WordCamp application, please let us know. We will try and do as many orientations as possible during the Contributor Day.

    Call for deputies help:

    We’ll need a minimum of 2 deputies :

    • Group orientations for people interested in moving their meet up group to the WordPress chapter account.
    • Group orientations for people interested in organizing a WordCamp, to give folks an idea of the process and what’s expected.
  3. Community Support Desk

    Note for WordCamp, Meet Up organisers and everyone in our Community:

    Have a question about organising a WordCamp, meet up, about the Chapter program or the community team?  Got an issue you would like help on? Have a issue or pain point when you are organising community events for your local community? We’re here to listen and help!

    This is where we invite every one from the community regardless of your background to find the help you need.

    Call for deputies help

    We did this last year and it was really beneficial. It also enabled local community organisers to share their pain points of working with the guidelines which you rarely hear them talk about otherwise.

    It would be good to have a minimum of two deputies on this roll at any given time.

  4. Community Deputy Training

    For those interested in becoming a community deputies and are mentoring WordCamp organisers.

    Call for new deputies:

    Please comment that you would like to be mentored at the WordCamp Europe Contributor Day.

If you do have any other ideas of things that you would like the Community to team to do during WordCamp Europe Contributor Day and it doesn’t fit into one of these groups, please let us know in the comments below.

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