Busted Contact Form

Got a report via Twitter about our contact form being broken, and it totally is:
screenshot of broken form
Looking at the embed it seems to be an issue in rendering, not that someone went in and changed the form. Pinging the Jetpack team to look into it.


Did some site maintenance this morning Started on…

Did some site maintenance this morning.

  • Started on a Team Projects page to list out all the things we have in progress or about to start. By the end of next week, that page should be all filled out, and additionally have lists of who’s participating in each area.
  • Added the blue intro box to our site like Nacin did on make/coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress.. Am considering it a stopgap until we get around to doing some custom templates to add to the make p2 theme so we can have a nice home page that outlines the projects, team, etc. Hm, I should add tools development and site maintenance to the team project list.
  • Did some general cleanup re widgets, menus, etc.


The Ask a Question form linked in…

The “Ask a Question” form linked in the navigation here is great in that it gives the broader community (who aren’t authors on this site) an easy way to ask a question, make a suggestion, find out who to ask about something, etc. However, it is 99.9% used by people who ignore the statement about this not being a support form and to use the forums for questions on how to use WP.

To that end, I want to change the label for that page so it sounds less like a place to ask support questions. “Make a Suggestion” might work, or we could use “Submit a Post” (or guest post), since the way the form works, we can use it to turn the form submission into a post.