Payment Intermission September 11-18

The Automattic sponsored staff members of the Global Community Team, who routinely handle WPCS banking, will be at a company offsite September 11-18. During this time we’ll halt WordCamp and Meetup vendor payments, reimbursements, and sponsor payment attribution. If you’ll need to pay for goods or services in mid-September, please submit all requests no later than 9am Pacific Friday, September 8, 2017. Payment requests submitted after that time will not likely be processed until Tuesday, September 19, 2017. Sponsor invoices paid September 11-18 won’t be marked paid until September 19.

If you have an urgent payment request that must be handled that week, but did not submit your request prior to September 8, please reach out to @kcristiano. He can be found on slack “@kcristiano“.

Deputies, mentors, and community members will still be available by email at or on Slack in the #community-events channel.

Normal vendor payment and sponsorship attributions scheduled will resume Tuesday, September 19, 2017 though it may take us a day or two to get fully caught up.

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AFK for the Holidays

As you know we’re coming up on the end of the year and the holiday season and that often means some time off. @andreamiddleton @chanthaboune and myself will all be AFK for the final week of 2015 so plan your payment requests accordingly. Payments will not be made between December 24 2015 and January 4 2016. If you have any payments that need to arrive in that timeline please submit your payment request using the payment plugin on your WordCamp site as soon as possible. It’s worth noting that US Banks are closed on 12/25 and 1/1 which can additionally slow payments made by check or wire.

This is also an excellent time to remind those of you with outstanding payment or reimbursement requests to get those submitted via the payments plugin now. Let’s close out as much as we can before the end of the year.

As most of our team is taking off the last week of the year application reviews will also be slowed or halted entirely as will response to email. If you have a question or request which needs answering before the end of the year please submit it as soon as possible.

We’ll catch up with all of you as quickly as possible in the new year.

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Upcoming Payments and Deputies

You all may remember a week in the middle of September when no payments could be made since all the Automattic folks were on a support rotation. We have another one coming your way in the middle of October (10/12 – 10/19) and we’re going to need your help!

In addition to this post and a few other reminders next week (Community Chat, what what?!), I’d like to ask that deputies and mentors check in with WordCamps they have been working with and have them double check due dates for upcoming payments.

A few things to mention while reaching out:

  • Checks take about a week to arrive when all goes perfectly (that means if anything has to be paid by check Oct 19-26, we want it next week).
  • Wire transfers can take a couple of days to appear for a vendor (again this assumes perfection).
  • Not all vendors ask for payment in one lump sum, so be sure to check for deposits, remainder payments, what’s due on final counts, etc
  • If you’re planning to order items online take time to ship into account and work your way backward.

Submit everything through the payments plugin by Wednesday, Oct 7.
Or earlier. We love earlier!

If you know a fellow leader who might need some WordCamp or Meetup bills paid, don’t be afraid to share this with them! Friends don’t let friends enter crisis mode needlessly. 🙂

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Need a payment made for your WordCamp? Check out CampPayments!

There’s been some confusion over the past forever on the best way to submit a payment request for a WordCamp Vendor. That confusion is a thing of the past! Here’s a step by step how to on submitting your payment requests. If there are additional questions or you feel something could use a bit of clarification let me know so I can update!

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