Hi WPTVMods I was just wondering about some…

Hi WPTVMods, I was just wondering about some hangouts on air that me and other moderator of the WordPress Italy+ community (running on Google+) that we create to spread the word about WordPress. We now reached the 8th episode (plus some specials about new feature and other issue) and we would like to spread our message even more.

For this reason I was wondering if could be possible to upload those videos (or embed them) inside the wordpress.tv site but I prefer to ask you first because I do not want look like spammer or something like that.

Awaiting for your moderation 😉

If you want to have a look at them this here you can find the channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJqiM61oRRvhTD5il2n56xg

#hangouts, #live-stream