Proposal: existing documentation to be merged into the handbooks

We some seriously amazing content in the blog that could be merged or at least linked into the handbooks.

Here is the list with the actions that I propose we take:

Proposed WordCamp Editorial Calendar

Create a new page in the WordCamp Organiser Handbook > Publicity > Website Content ✅

Promoting Your Local WordPress Meetup

Create a new page in the Meetup Organiser Handbook > Promoting your Meetup ✅

What makes a WordPress Meetup Great?

Create a new page in the Meetup Organiser Handbook > Building and growing a meetup > A collection of videos to inspire you ✅

do_action Zurich 2018

Link in the Meetup Organiser Handbook > do_action: Charity Hackaton ✅

WordCamp Design Kit Producing assets and finding a…

Merge in the WordCamp Organiser Handbook > Publicity ✅

Collecting ideas & methods for Meetups promotion / growth

Merge in Meetup Organiser Handbook > Summarise together with the “Promoting your local WordPress Meetup” post above ✅

Handbook Page: WordCamp Marketing/Ticket Sales Tips

Merge in the WordCamp Organiser Handbook > Publicity ✅

Contributor Day Room Signage

Merge in the Contributor Day Organiser Handbook ✅

Contributor Night – An experiment in Torino, Italy

Add a page in the Contributor Day Organiser Handbook > Other Contributor Events ✅

Also: change the name of the handbook from Contributor Day to Contributor Events ✅

Deadline: July 22nd. If no one objects or points out different possible places to have this content, I will go on and do it 🙂


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New Documentation: Presenter Best Practices

It seems odd that in our ever expanding documentation we don’t really have much content on the best practices for presenters in our program. Given that presenters are one of the cornerstones on which we build WordCamps and Meetups that’s something we’d like to change but we need everyone’s help.

We’re looking for a good general set of best practices for each of the following specific presenters/ presentations so please let us know what has worked best for you both at events at which you’ve presented and which you’ve organized.

  • Opening Remarks
  • Emcees
  • Speakers

Example questions we’re looking to answer: What should be covered during opening remarks? How much content should an emcee share? How do you deal with attendees who interrupt your presentation?

But please don’t let that limit your response. Anything that can be of help to organizers, presenters, and emcees at WordCamps and Meetups could be relevant. We’re looking to curate some truly helpful advice and best practices for the handbook so let us know what you know, or what you’d like to see.

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The Handbook and the Future

Plan is Dead, Long live the Handbook. At least that is my thought. I think the handbook is the future and we should kill Plan once and for all.

I know we have a notice on the home page of plan, but many people find the old outdated (and sometimes incorrect) info there. We redirect them to the handbook when we find out, but it would (in my opinion) be so much better if we could simply kill plan and redirect to the handbook. We’d only need 1 redirect – more would be unmanageable.

What do others think? @_dorsvenabili @andreamiddleton @camikaos @chanthaboune @brandondove @miss_jwo @iandunn @kovshenin


Outreachy week 12: Going live on handbook quizzes

Last week we have finally added the quizzes to the handbook pages which was agreed on earlier. So feel free to check it out! This is how it works:

  • We have the rules explained on Quizzes page for WordCamp organizer handbook and Quizzes section of the welcome page for WordPress meetup organizer handbook.
  • Links to quizzes were added to the end of the pages which we have quizzes on, 34 quizzes for WordCamp organizer handbook and 5 for meetups.
  • Note that the visual design of the way incorrect answers are being treated by the system is yet to change. We plan on just highlighting the incorrect answer with red so that the learner will have a chance to choose an answer again.

I really encourage everyone who has a bit of spare time this week to try to register, click a little bit around the quizzes and see what you like about it and what should be improved. Really, any kind of feedback would be helpful.

Additionally, I’ve written a couple of lesson plans last week (Building a Sitemap and Customizer: Taglines) and an instruction of how to write a lesson plan which summarizes the principles and ideas I follow myself when doing it. It can be also used for any kind of tutorial or even an e-learning course.

This week is going to be my last Outreachy week! It’s hard to believe how fast time goes by. And I plan to wrap up working on the Teacher Resources page I mentioned in my last post, finalize everything else and write some final thoughts on this experience.

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Outreachy week 11: Teacher resources page and adding quizzes to community handbooks

Last week I completed Widget AreasWhat is contact form 7, What is Google XML Sitemap and Improving Site performance lesson plans. Additionally, I’ve been working on the outline for the Teacher Resources page. The idea of this page is to provide trainers with the information that will enable them to work with lesson plans in a more efficient way, i.e:

  • how to use the lessons and what to do to prepare for your in-person sessions
  • how to provide feedback, how to ask questions of the training team and how to participate in lesson plans creation
  • a lessons order/methodology one could use to build a learning path for the students

Besides, after a short hiatus we’re continue working or the WordCamp organizer/WordPress meetup organizer trainings. As we have discussed earlier, because of the sync problem between the handbooks and the training pages we have to add the quizzes created for the trainings to the end of a related handbook page (and also create a page describing why we added quizzes and instructions on how to register at the website hosting quizzes). ‎

The screenshot below shows how a link to a quiz might look like and I’ve also composed a draft of the Quizzes page.


Please add your reactions to any of these ideas, suggestions or changes, and any other thoughts about the lesson plans/community trainings in the comments or google documents!

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Outreachy week 6: The Big Question

The last week was not very eventful – I fixed minor issues with the assembled courses, but there is a big question regarding further materials organization we wanted to open discussion on.

At the moment, both WordCamp organizer training and WordPress meetup organizer training are composed out of:

  • Web pages, copied from respective handbooks, slightly reorganized in order
  • Quizzes based on those pages’ content, which are appended to those pages

Which raises a sync problem between the handbooks and the training pages. After copying the handbook page content changes were made to the handbook, which is a continuing process. Requiring people to change the training pages every time a change is made to the handbook is not very efficient. So let’s look at the alternatives:

A. Description: We use only the quizzes created from the trainings. A link to a particular quiz is inserted in the end of a related handbook page and a learner is advised to pass it. As they have to log in when passing a quiz, we will have an idea whether they have passed all of the quizzes.

How this will work: Learners have to read the handbook and pass the quizzes hosted at the separate website. When changes are required, handbook will be edited.

B. Description: As the training site is live and 100% complete, we could replace the handbook with this site. Essentially, it contains the same information which can be handled in the same way as handbook pages, and the quizzes can be optional.

How this will work: Learners have to read the training materials and pass the quizzes hosted at the same website. When changes are required, training materials will be edited. Training materials will also play the handbook role.

C. Maybe there are other options? Like, it would be awesome to have some kind of automatic sync between two pages, but I’m not sure whether it’s technically feasible (probably not?). Please, feel free to suggest any ideas you have!
With those options defined, I hope it will help us generate some traction on how to proceed. So please, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think! 🙂

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Do you want to turn Email Post Changes back on?

Hey deputies, we have finished porting over nearly all of the contents of to a handbook on this site, so it’s safe to turn your Email Post Changes setting back to “on” if you want to track changes to community team documentation.

Here’s where you can do that:

If you find you don’t have the right permissions, just leave your request to have me change your “email post changes” settings for you. 🙂

#community-management, #handbook

Email Post Changes

Deputies might have noticed a flood of notification emails about changes to the handbooks on this site. 🙂 (We’ve wanted to copy over the documentation on so that we’d have all the community-related handbooks in one place, and we have a couple of volunteers who are available to help right now, so that’s finally in progress, yay!)

I turned on Handbook Post Change emails for all deputies based on our last team chat, but since we’ve been making lots of changes to the handbooks, a lot of folks’ inboxes have been, cough, filling up. So I turned off Handbook Post Change emails for all deputies except Jen and me, and made one more important change — all deputies are now Admins on this blog, so you can change your own status on the Email Post Change plugin. 😉

It would be awesome for deputies who have to time to review the changes being made to the handbooks — either now or after the bulk of the work is complete — and suggest edits or updates if you see the need for any. Once this big push is over, we’ll ask all deputies to turn on notifications again so that you can stay up to date on any changes we make to the program.

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How to Approve Videos – Now easier to understand!

Howdy Mod Squad!

With @myroseapple‘s help (and awesome video walk through!) we now have a new set on instructions on how to approve videos. Hopefully these will be a lot easier to follow (and refer back to) than the old documentation we used to have.

Take a look:

In addition to that, I would like to propose that we start building out something of a Moderator Handbook (see new widget at the top of our sidebar) including this new page, and adding sections on the following:

  • Moderating Comments – What to approve, how to respond, clearing out spam, etc.
  • Internationalization/accessibility – What to to with non-english videos, How to moderate and approve subtitles, etc.
  • Video Standards – Policies regarding technical quality, as well as issues around GPL and community compliance.
  • Managing – The nuts and bolts of how the site workswhat all the tags, categories, menus, and widgets do, how to keep the home page up to date with fresh content, etc.

I am sure there can/should be others, so if you think I’m leaving something out, please let me know. Also, if docs are your thing, you are welcome to join in and help, so give a shout out in the comments.

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