Call for volunteers: Contributor Drives Document

Hi Team

we have been contacted by Angela Jin, who is putting together some documentation for small scale contributor drive events for individual Make WordPress teams.

The goal is to create a how-to resource which hopefully will make organising contributor drives an easier process for everyone involved .

This documentation will consist of:

  1. A “Contributor Drive Community Team Overview”, which will provide information about your team and the projects available for contributor drives
  2. A general “Contributor Drive Overview” that introduces what contributor drives are and how to organize one.

Feedback from the Community Team is needed to identify projects within the Community Team that are suitable for contributor drives: we should be also able to explain how each project fits into the overall team goals, what steps contributors would need to take to tackle the project, as well as what resources/tools/skills contributors need to do so.

Angela is working on a document and it would be great if someone within the team could lead this effort.

If someone is interested in working on this, please say so in the comments 🙂


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Planning for WCEU Contributor Day

WordCamp Europe is hosting a Contributor Day on Thursday, June 15th (info here) — let’s start thinking of projects we can work on while we’re there!

Here are some ideas I had; please don’t take them as settled, because this is just my first brainstorming pass:

I think it might be good to host an in-person meetup orientation as well as (if possible), an in-person deputy training session.

Project ideas for experienced contributors:

  • work on the grants program
  • make a list of “active contributors” or whatever we’re calling the folks who might get the new contributor badge

Project ideas for new contributors who are involved in a local meetup group:

  • community meetup testimonial videos (multi-lingual)
  • meetup best practices list for: running meetings, finding speakers, etc — essentially in which the best practices list might be created by meetup attendees answering a survey with questions like “what topics interest you,” “what were your favorite meetups last year,” “what meeting times/dates are best for you” — essentially our year-end survey, with some additions?

New contributors who are 100% new to community and have no local WP group:

  • attend an in-person meetup organizer orientation
  • compile a list of local diversity in tech groups to help make a resource for local organizers who want to recruit diverse speaker lineups
  • testing the speaker application plugin? maybe?

Like I said, this is totally just a first pass. 🙂 Please please please suggest project/task ideas in the comments below!

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WordCamp US Contributor Day Projects

In a little less than a month, many of our contributors will be together at WordCamp US Contributor Day, and this will be a great chance for us to get some work done on Community programs and tools! We’ll want to plan for projects that can include people who’ve been contributing to the Community Team for a while, and then also projects that will work for people who are coming to us for the first time. Here are some suggestions that I think have a good balance between development, documentation, testing, community management, and design tasks:

  • add a meta field in WordCamp Central WordCamp listing for global sponsorship grant
  • add a contract uploader tool to so we can easily find every venue contract
  • an editorial calendar/newsletter schedule and newsletter copy for meetup & WordCamp organizers
  • plan for a new, WordCamp-surplus-inclusive & fan-designed swag store that organizers can order from autonomously
  • mentorship/organizing task list that lives inside WordCamp dashboard (@brandondove similar to what we scoped out at the opening of this year)
  • finishing touches on meetup application on Central
  • micro-grant application on Central
  • edit and finally publish the WordCamp toolkit
  • making design kit variations
  • editing handbook, orientation scripts
  • test deputy self-training materials (assuming I get them done in time)

If there’s something you think should be on this list, or something on this list that you’d really, really like to work on at WCUS, please tell us about it in the comments! 🙂


Global Translation Day 2

Hello hello!
As some of you might know, last April the Polyglots team hosted the first Global Translation Day with 24 hours of streamed sessions and live events around the world. It was an incredible experience: we translated thousands of strings, on-boarded hundreds of new contributors and ate tons of cake (oh well, that might have been only in Torino). If you wanna read some really impressive statistics, head over to the recap post:

Global WordPress Translation Day – recap & results

It was such an incredible experience that we decided to have another one on November 12 and we would like to get *even* more people excited from all over the world.

I have been involved with Polyglots and Community for a while now and I think it would be very helpful to have the support from the Community team to do some outreach.

I will get in touch with WordCamps that have Contributor Days coming up to announce the event, and I think it would be super cool and effective if we could send a message to all Meetups organizers in the chapter: @chanthaboune do you think it would be possible?

We have a ton of materials from last WGTD to help Meetups organise a local event if they want to, even if they never contributed to Polyglots before.

Here is the website for the upcoming event:
Here are all the videos recorded last time, I think they make an incredible resource for Meetups:

Can you think of other ways to get local communities involved? I am all ears! We can brainstorm here or chat on Slack, I am @francina.

Ciao for now!

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New handbook page: How to plan a Contributor Day

With thanks to @samuelsidler who wrote up this documentation years back, I’ve added a new page to the WordCamp Organizer Handbook on how to plan a Contributor Day. It needs a little bit of updating and some additional information but it’s a fantastic starting place for those of you who have reached out asking how to organize a Contributor Day with your WordCamp!

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Contributor Day Attendee Survey questions

We don’t currently have a place on the current attendee survey (or template) to find out about attendees’ experience specifically at a Contributor Day. I plan to create a branch for the centralized WordCamp Attendee Survey to ask Contributor Day — based on your experiences organizing or attending Contributor Day(s) what questions you think we should ask?

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Help for Contributor Days

Hello community group!

I’ve been helping Jenny Wong to set up a UK-wide contributor day on 1st March 2014. The idea came from WordCamp London’s contributor day. The plan is for local WordPress groups across the UK to get together in their own towns and contribute to WordPress.

One of the biggest challenges is that there aren’t enough experienced contributors from each of the contributor groups in the UK to have representatives at all of the meetups, to guide new contributors through the process.

We were thinking that in lieu of experienced contributors, it would be a massive help if there was a short “First steps” for each contributor group. There are handbooks for the various groups, but they’re comprehensive and can be hard to sift through. We don’t want new contributors to have to spend an hour reading documentation before being able to get started.

As well as being useful for the WP Contributor Day in the UK, they’d them be available on for use by any Contributor Day.

I thought that the best place to start with this would be the community group to see if this is something that comes under your umbrella. Alternatively, I get on with simply reaching out to each of the contributor groups to get something together (I’m happy to do so).

In order to make it as lightweight for the individual groups as possible, I’d provide a short template for people to fill out, populated with questions such as:

  • Provide a list of the tasks carried out by the group:
  • What does the contributor need to know before getting involved?
  • What are the first steps?
  • Are there any tools or essential reading?
  • What are some easy tasks that a new contributor can do to get started?

Any thoughts or feedback that you’d have would be most welcome.