Meetup Organiser Badge Proposal

As we published yesterday, the new Meetup Tracker comes with a lot of great new benefits, including the fact the we will be able to link meetup groups with each organiser’s profile. This means that we can finally give out user profile badges to meetup organisers. We need to decide what icon and colour […]

Calling all Meetup Group Organisers!

We’ve recently been working on a new platform for managing meetup applications and keeping track of them in a central system. One of the benefits of this system is that we will finally be able to assign profile badges to all WordPress meetup group organisers! We’re very excited to make this happen, but we […]

New tool for Community Deputies: Meetup Tracker

Hi Community Deputies! I’m glad to announce that we will not have to use the “Meetup Status Doc” sheet anymore since today! Hope you are as happy as I am with this news 😀 The Meetup Tracker is a new tool that the Global Community Team will use to track all current groups, and […]

Meetup Tracker

The Meetup Tracker is a new tool that the Global Community Team will use to track all current groups, and new Meetup applications received via the new form for the Meetup Chapter Program. This tool is hosted in the dashboard of, and if you’re an active Community Deputy who has been vetting Meetup […]

WordPress meetup organizer newsletter: August 2018

This newsletter was sent to meetup organizers via the messages system today. 🙂 Hello WordPress Meetup organisers! Welcome to another meetup organizer newsletter full of news, information, and inspiration for your local meetup. Newsletter contents: – WordPress 4.9.8 Maintenance Release – The New WordPress Editor – Idea for a new meetup format – Call […]

Promoting your Meetup

Promoting a WordPress Meetup is so much more than setting up a Meetup page. The Marketing Team has crowdsourced some of the things that have worked. We hope that this advice is helpful. Please note that these are suggestions, not requirements. Every community has their own nuance and flavor. Each Meetup should have a static, […]

Call for topic suggestions: monthly meetup organizer newsletter

Every month we try to send out a newsletter for meetup organizers in our program. As you can see from these examples (#, #, #), the newsletter typically spotlights: an interesting event format that organizers might want to try out news about global community team projects news about the WordPress open source project If you’d […]

WordPress Meetup Organizer Newsletter: July 2018

An earlier iteration of this newsletter was posted by mistake — the only differences were in the headers, which were converted to more of a “call to action” on each line before the newsletter was sent. I’ve also corrected the title of the post, but not the URL, since I don’t want to break the […]

Idea: Meetup Recap P2

How about creating a new P2 for any meetup organizers to post event recaps/reports? Japanese local groups used to post event recaps on (e.g., Now that the site is shutting down, I realized I don’t have a good place to write a blog post about the event we just had last weekend. I […]

Announcement: Japanese Meetup Group Migration Roadmap

Since announced its close last week, we might get a tons of Japanese meetup application for coming weeks. To make the process smoothly (currently WordBench has more than 50 groups!), manage conflict between WordBench and and localize whole process, three Japanese deputies (@nao @nukaga @mayukojpn) suggest guidelines and set tasks as below: Guideline […]