Promoting Your Local WordPress Meetup

You have a Meetup. Now what? Here are some ways to promote your WordPress Meetup and be set for success.

WordPress Meetup Orientation Script

There’s been some discussion around the ‘bug’ in the Meetup orientation script whereby if you enter the password you still cannot access the content. What started out as a discussion around the problem turned into a deeper discussion around why that content is password protected in the first place. The main reason behind keeping it […]

Swag for Meetup Groups

We currently have a policy that WordPress Chapter Meetup groups who have not received swag in the past 18 months are eligible for to receive a 100-pack of WordPress swag (which contains 100 stickers and 100 buttons with the WordPress logo). The reason we have this policy is because we usually restock swag with that 18 […]

Group Meetup Orientation at WCEU Contributor Day

Greetings potential meetup organisers! At the Contributor Day for WordCamp Europe this year (which will be taking place on 15 June), we will be holding a group meetup orientation at some point during the day. So, if you’re planning on starting a meetup group in your area and you will be attending the Contributor Day, […]

Premium Plugin in exchange for promo favors for Meetup Organizers

We’ve had a lot of discussion with Meetups and organizers in the past about how to handle sponsorship for meetup groups. One of the types of sponsorship offers we see are  similar to this one: Modern Tribe offers the Event Aggregator plugin to meetup organizers on the chapter program who also maintain a WordPress site […]

Dear Meetup Organizers, we need your help with Meetup Video Testimonials

Dear Meetup Organizers A favorite moment in all WordPress meetups is that time when you meet new WordPress users and hear their stories of how they use WordPress. Sometimes it’s a simple blog, sometimes it’s a complex content management system for news, or a mid sized e-commerce site for their local store front. Whatever the […]

Collecting ideas & methods for Meetups promotion / growth

Hi Everyone, We would like to share ways that people are promoting, growing and sustaining their local meetups. The idea will be to collect what people are doing in their local areas and turn them into information we can share with everyone via our meetup handbooks and the way we give meetup support to all […]

Meetup Vetting Sprint

Hello fellow deputies! November was a really good month for Meetup applications. So yay! But also we have a bit of a backlog 😉 What do you say if we do a Vetting Sprint? It could be also a chance to refresh our memory on the tagging system we use in Support Press and the […]

Meetup Venue Approval Request

WordPress Community Support will cover the costs of a meetup venue if a donated venue cannot be found. If you are going to ask for WordPress Community Support to cover the costs of a meetup venue, the following conditions must be met: Your group is on the WordPress chapter account at or has been similarly […]

Meetup Interest Form

We have a central account at for WordPress meetups. If you’d like to start a meetup group in your city, we’ll cover the dues if you promise to stick to a few simple guidelines with the meetup group: WordPress Meetups are for the benefit of the WordPress community as a whole, not specific […]