Foundation Camera Kit List

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Need manuals or an exact list of the gear in your case?

What follows is a general list of what you will find in your kit. If you are curious what everything in your case does, you can find a visual inventory of it here.

For a complete list of what is packed in your kit, along with access to manufacturer manuals, click on your kit name below:

What is in the case What is in the case

Your AV Kit will arrive in a large Pelican suitcase like this:

Foundation camera kit in Pelican case

When you open your kit, you will find a large red zippered pouch that contains all the accessories for this kit.

Case open with accessories

Below the accessory pouch you will find the top layer of the kit, which contains a tripod.

Case top layer

Next remove the top layer of foam to expose the main compartment of the case

Case bottom layer

In the main compartment of the case you will find an HD video camera

HD video camera

A cold shoe accessory bracket for mounting accessories to

Cold shoe mount

Transmitter and receiver for the wireless lapel microphone.  See the accessory bag for the lapel mic, audio monitor earbud, and antenna.

Wireless lapel mic transmitter and receiver


What is in the accessory bag What is in the accessory bag

The zippered red bag in your Foundation Camera Kit case contains all of the accessories you need for capture video of a speaker giving a presentation.

Accessory bag

Inside of this bag you will find a power adapter for charging/powering the camera

Power adapter

Audio patch cord and adapter, for connecting the wireless mic to the camera, or for patching into the venue’s sound board if possible.

Audio patch cord and adapter

There is also a small lapel microphone, antenna, and earbud headphone for monitoring sound.

Wireless Mic, antenna, and ear bud


Anything Missing? Anything Missing?

Are you missing any of the above contents?  If so, please let us know by filling out this form. Be sure to specify your kit name, and tell us a little about what you are missing, and we are on it!

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