tl;dr: Get the word out to anyone who loves WordPress! Tie social media accounts to your official email address.

A member of your organizing team should be in charge of publicity. There are many ways you can draw attention (and increase registrations) to your event. Here are a few that have been successful with previous WordCamps.

  • Meetup groups. In addition to the local WordPress meetup group, there are probably related groups for blogging, web design, PHP, etc. Drop in and let them know about the upcoming WordCamp. Tell them about your meetup group while you’re at it!
  • Badges. Make some graphics that speakers, sponsors, attendees, and volunteers can put in their sidebars to tell the world that they’ll be there. Provide HTML code that can be copied and pasted.
  • Articles. Contact your local newpaper, alternative newsweekly, radio stations, TV station and tell them about your event. Some will not be interested, but some might be. More than one WordCamp have brought people in this way.
  • Flyers. You don’t want to plaster your town with flyers (wasteful!), but a few in strategic locations could be helpful. The local coffeeshop with wifi where freelancers tend to work, co-working spaces, and the communications and computer science departments at local colleges might be worth it.
  • Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, the blogs of your community members… get these activated in promoting your event. When someone registers, be sure to put information about your accounts in the confirmation email, and ask them to be sure to let their network know they’ll be attending. The easier you can make it for people to spread the word, the better.

Past WordCamp Organizers: What methods of publicizing your event worked for you?

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