Helpful Documents and Templates

Organizing a WordCamp requires a little bit of paperwork! Here are some templates and other documents that WordCamp organizers have found helpful in the past:

WordCamp Budget Template (for a one-day event of 350 or fewer attendees)

Another WordCamp Budget Template (for a two-day event of 400 or more attendees)

Newer, shinier WordCamp Milestones/Level of Effort: A team lead task list broken down by teams and timeframes. So helpful!

WordCamp Planning Milestones

100% GPL Vetting Checklist: If you think you might need a little help reviewing the license of someone’s plugin or theme, this will come in handy.

Agreement among WordCamp Organizers, Speakers, Sponsors, and Volunteers: Ask everyone who’s officially associated with your event to agree to this distilled version of the WordCamp guidelines.

WordCamp Invoice Template (assumes you’re running the money through the WordPress Foundation)

WordCamp Ticket Purchase Receipt Template

WordCamp Badge Template and Printer Instructions

Create WordCamp Badges with Gravatars

Sample Visa Letter Template

WordCamp Sponsor Images

Sample Venue Contract Template (for if your venue doesn’t have one it uses generally)

Sample WordCamp Sponsorship Contract Template — We don’t generally use this for anyone but Global Community Sponsors because we don’t want to mire WordCamp organizers down in any more paperwork than absolutely necessary, but if your sponsor is requesting a contract or your government requires one for some reason, this is a contract approved by WordPress Foundation lawyers.