Creating Sponsor Invoices

What You’ll Need

  • Sponsor post set as draft on your WordCamp site
    • Be sure to fill in all the newly required fields. Once the sponsor has paid the invoice, you will set this post to published. 🙂
  • Description of the sponsorship
  • Amount of sponsorship

Add New Sponsor Invoice Add New Sponsor Invoice

  1. First, locate the new Budget menu on the left side of your WordCamp site, then select Sponsor Invoices.
  2. Click “Add New” button
    3Sponsor Invoices ‹ WordCamp Testing 2014 — WordPress
  3. Enter the title of your Invoice as [Sponsor Level] Sponsorship
    • Example “Gold Level Sponsorship”
    • (The name of your WordCamp and the sponsor will auto-populate on the invoice.)
  4. Select the name of the sponsor you’re invoicing in the dropdown list labeled “Sponsor” — If you have not already saved to draft a Sponsor post for this company, you’ll need to do that (you can use the Add New Sponsor link next to the Sponsor drop-down list) before creating the invoice.Sponsor dropdown
  5. Select the name of your WordCamp’s city in the dropdown list labeled “Community”
    Community Dropdown

    • Take care to select the correct location if you share a name with a different city (Manhattan, KS vs Manhattan, NY; Lancaster, PA vs Lancaster, UK; etc).
  6. Enter the description of the Sponsorship level — this will appear on your invoice above the payment instructions.
  7. Select currency that the invoice should be created in.
    Currency Downdown

    • This should be the currency the sponsor will be using to pay the invoice and won’t necessarily be the same as the currency your WordCamp is using. If you aren’t sure, definitely ask!
  8. Enter amount we should invoice to the sponsor.
    Add Currency

    • Just like before, we ask for no commas, thousands separators or currency symbols. See the image above for an example.
  9. Send Invoice
    Send Invoice

    • Make sure everything is correct before you send the invoice for approval. You can also save it as a draft if you are missing information.
    • Once you’ve sent the invoice for approval, it cannot be edited unless it’s marked incomplete.

And in case you’re wondering where all these pieces of information go, we’ve included an Example Sponsor invoice complete with labels. 🙂

Example Sponsor Invoice


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Checking Sponsor Invoice Status Checking Sponsor Invoice Status

Just like with the payment requests you currently use, each invoice will have a different status that will help you track its progress. From the Sponsor Invoice page, you’ll be able to see all the invoices together with their individual statuses shown at the end of the invoice title (circled on the image below). You can also see invoices grouped by status using the links at the top (shown in a red box on the image below).

Checking Invoice Status