After It’s Over

Is a WordCamp ever really over? Well, yes, sadly. Before you dust off your hands and move on to something else, though, you’ll need to take care of a few things in order to call it a day.

  • If you used the Foundation camera kits to record your event, ask your mentor for help finding the shipping address for the WordCamp that needs them next. Inventory the camera kit contents, use the feedback form to let us know about anything that’s missing, and ship those camera kits. Don’t forget to submit the cost for reimbursement!
  • Balance your budget. Make sure all of your vendors have been paid, record any expenses or income that have not yet been added, and determine if your WordCamp was within the budget. Submit the final budget to WordCamp Central.
  • Send a thank you note (or email) to every speaker, sponsor/supporter, and volunteer. Also send thank you notes to your contacts at your vendors; the people you worked with at the venue and local businesses will appreciate the gesture. Be sure to include some event stats in your email, to give an idea of how many people benefited from their support.
  • Get all the video processed and posted to Name your files with city code, year, speaker’s last name, session title (or keywords) and the date of the presentation. This will ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Example:
  • Send a follow-up email to all attendees. Thank them for coming, make any lost/found announcements, and recommend they get involved with the local WordPress meetup group to keep the love going all year long. Include a link to the follow-up survey so that your attendees are able to provide feedback.
  • Take photos one of your event t-shirts, stickers, and/or any custom printed swag you had made for the event, so it can be added to the WordPress Museum. As of April 2018, there is no longer a physical museum, so the Community Team is working out a new process. Please email your photos to in the meantime.

Oh, and get some rest: you’ve earned it!

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