Suggestions for Meetup Content

Meetups are an important part of the WordPress experience. It’s good to meet people, build networks, and learn new skills. But what if you feel like your Meetup is stuck? The Marketing Team has put together some ideas to help.

What are some Meetup Formats? What are some Meetup Formats?

  • Invite speakers from other Meetups to deliver their session remotely, using Zoom or Hangout.
  • Play talks from during the Meetup.
  • Lightning talks are a great way to help new speakers and encourage participation.
  • Q & A sessions at Meetups are always a good way to help the audience with speciifc questions and find out where they are.

Meetup Topic Categories Meetup Topic Categories

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WordPress Core WordPress Core

  • New Plugin
  • New Skill
  • New tech/system
  • Design
  • Localization
  • WordPress Security
  • Changing Themes and The Struggle with Shortcodes
  • How to use the Customizer in WordPress Themes
  • Page Builders: The Good, The Bad, The Needs Improvement
  • Hackathon Night — Bring your worst problems, we’ll fix them.
  • JavaScript Libraries and WordPress Theme Development
  • Leveraging the REST API in your WordPress Site

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WordPress Customization WordPress Customization

  • Design customization
  • Design for Accessibility: Color Blind, Nearsightedness, and Vision-impaired
  • Internationalizing And Localizing Your WordPress Theme
  • Customize WordPress Child Themes and it’s importance

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WordPress Experience WordPress Experience

  • New experience that you learn throughout the journey of WordPress
  • Support
  • Giving back
  • Community
  • Backup Solutions
  • Best Practices
  • Site Speed for Developing Environments (3G, 2G)
  • Must-needed plugins for nonprofits, small business, blogs
  • Moderated Forums: Why have password-protected on-site forums instead of a blog or Facebook Group?
  • If SEO is more than a plugin, how do I start to rank?
  • Content Marketing: Long-form versus Short-form
  • Building Your First Plugin
  • The Importance Of Github To Every Developer
  • Gutenberg and my thoughts!

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WordPress For End Users/ Bloggers WordPress For End Users/ Bloggers

  • Support
  • Must-needed plugins for blogs
  • Project Management Tools for the Freelancer blogger
  • How often should I blog?
  • PHP What? An Introduction to the beginner.
  • What is WordPress Really? An introduction to LAMP.
  • Teaching Tech to Kids
  • WordPress Development for Beginners: Getting Started

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WordPress as Business WordPress as Business

  • Why Accessibility Matters to a Small Business Site
  • Support
  • Project Management Tools for the Overworked Freelancer
  • Partnering Up: Building Sites and Gaining New Client Work with Meetup Friends
  • If SEO is more than a plugin, how do I start to rank?
  • Content Marketing: Long-form versus Short-form
  • Building Your First Plugin
  • Mentorship Night. Let’s pair up and keep ourselves accountable to continuous learning
  • Empathy in Tech – Why Marketers should learn Dev and Devs should learn Marketing
  • WordPress as a Platform for Apps
  • Optimizing site performance
  • How to maximize conversion rate of your WordPress Plugin
  • Growth hacks: How to grow & sell premium WordPress Plugins
  • Things you can do to promote your WordPress Plugin at zero expense.

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How to WordPress (Tutorial) How to WordPress (Tutorial)

  • Training (ie Speaker Training – see curriculum )
  • Unique something for developers that most of the people dont know
  • Googling as a Resource for Solutions
  • How to ask for Support
  • How to Convert into https.
  • How to apply conditional logic to your forms
  • How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress
  • No Stupid Question Night. Seriously. Ask. Let’s chat.

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Ways to make these talks work for you. Ways to make these talks work for you.

Full-Length Presentation Full-Length Presentation

30 minutes, followed by a Question and Answer period. This is great for a deep dive into any topic. Try to mix up the type of talks each month.

This is great way for speakers who have experience talking to jump in, but newcomers also always have something valuable to say. It’s also a great way for a speaker to try out something that they want to pitch to an upcoming WordCamp, and get feedback on what to revise.

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Lightning Presentation Lightning Presentation

10 Minutes followed by a Question and Answer: The Q & A can take place either right away or after several lightning talks.

This is a great way to make sure topics stay focused. It also keeps interest in the meeting if the main talk is from more of a technical angle and the lightning talk is more from a user angle or vice versa.

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Super Lightning Super Lightning

5 Minute Presentation: Questions at Happiness Session at the end of the evening
This is essentially a top tips type of presentation. It moves super fast.

It’s also a great way for new speakers or new members of your Meetup to feel comfortable speaking. It’s low pressure.