Meetup Venue Approval Request

WordPress Community Support will cover the costs of a meetup venue if a donated venue cannot be found. If you are going to ask for the Foundation to cover the costs of a meetup venue, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your group is on the WordPress chapter account at or has been similarly recognized as official by this team.
  • Your group is currently following the 5 good-faith rules.
  • You are unable to find a donated venue.
  • Your proposed new venue meets minimum requirements for safety, adequate seating, and accessibility.

If those items are all met we recommend that the price point for your venue not exceed $5 per person per month and we ask for a 3-6 month invoice and commitment. Please submit the venue invoice to attention Cami Kaos. Include your meetup location, venue contact name, contact’s email address and phone number, and any special payment information. Unless otherwise specified, venues will be paid by check. You should expect a response within a week.

To have your venue approved and paid for, please fill in the following form:


Cami or a member of the meetups team will be in touch to discuss your venue request.