Organising Hosting

Sponsors for the day are important, but one thing that we have not yet touched on is the fact that you will need to find sponsored hosting for the new non-profits websites. This is important as it allows the organisations the freedom to continue working with their new websites without further costs being involved.

How this works will very much depend on the country that you live in, but a good idea is to contact a local hosting company and discuss the options with them. Once again, make sure the potential host is aware that this is a charity event – in many cases, hosts have free hosting plans for registered non-profit organisations and will be happy to come on board for your event.

Some of your non-profits may already have hosting that they wish to continue using – that isn’t a problem at all and they are welcome to do so. In those instance you will need to get hold of the relevant connection details (FTP, etc.) in order to set up their new website.

A few country-specific options A few country-specific options

There are a few countries where do_action events have been run before, so we are aware of free hosting options for registered non-profits. To that end, here is some handy information for those countries – if you organise a do_action event in your area and you become aware of a good hosting option for do_action events then let us know and we can add the info to this page.

United States of America United States of America

If you are in the USA, then Bluehost offers free hosting to any registered non-profits via the platform. This is a good option as it means all you need to is direct the non-profits to this page and they can handle the rest themselves. Something to take note of here, is that the Grassroots and Bluehost registration process can take a few weeks to finalise, so make sure that you get your non-profits running with this as soon as possible.

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South Africa South Africa

In South Africa, local hosting provider, Hetzner, are happy to provide sponsored hosting for registered non-profit organisations. You can contact them directly and they will help you with sorting things out.