WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebrations

This event is concluded. Stay tuned for WordPress 20th Anniversary Celebrations in 2023!

The WordPress 15th anniversary will be on May 27, 2018 — let’s get ready to celebrate!

Schedule a party

WordPress anniversary parties are a great way to bring local communities together, and easy to organize. Most of the work involves finding a space to gather that’s easily accessible, free (or really, really inexpensive), and safe. Here are some ideas from past anniversary parties:

  • a picnic at a public park
  • a gathering at a family-friendly pub, restaurant, mall food court, library, or community center
  • a potluck at a community member’s home

Lots of groups like to share a birthday cake with the WordPress logo on it — there are logo files you can download on the WordPress 15th anniversary site. There are some other DIY anniversary decoration files on that page as well — get creative, show off your local flair, and have fun with it!

Once you’ve selected a location and a time, you can use the WordPress 15th Anniversary event template on meetup.com to schedule your event. This will help your event show up on the map displayed on wp15.wordpress.net.

After clicking the “Schedule” link, you should see an option to “Schedule from a template”:

Once you click on “Schedule from a template,” a pop-up should come up with two options. Select the WordPress 15th Anniversary Party Template and customize as necessary!

Make sure the description of the event contains the term “#wp15” somewhere; otherwise the WP15 website won’t be able to identify it as a WP15 event. If you’ve added “#wp15” and your event still isn’t showing up on the map after a few hours, then please email support@wordcamp.org with the URL of the event, so that we can add it.

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Request WordPress 15th Anniversary swag

Once you’ve scheduled your celebration on meetup.com, you can request your special WordPress 15th anniversary swag pack, which includes sticker sheets and party balloons.

Please note that the deadline to request anniversary swag in order to arrive before May 25 has passed. Requests received after May 1 might not arrive by May 25, though the chances are better in North America (Canada and USA).

Information collected for swag shipments will be used only for anniversary swag shipping purposes, and will be deleted by May 31, 2018.

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Request financial support for venue rental

We encourage groups to organize their parties using free venues if at all possible.

However, if your group needs to rent a venue for this particular event, you can fill out the meetup venue support request form — the current guidelines will apply for this event as for other venue rental support requests — meets minimum requirements for safety, adequate seating, and accessibility; under $5 per person — except we won’t ask to be billed for multiple months in one invoice. 🙂

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On the day

If you’re meeting at a place that is unusual for your group, make sure to post clear directions and maybe even put out some signs to make it easy to find the party.

Share your celebration with the WordPress world by posting photos or videos using the #wp15 hashtag. All #wp15 posts will be aggregated and shared real-time on the WordPress 15th Anniversary website, which will be launched in April 2018.

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