Building And Growing A Meetup

Having a Great Organizing Team

Being an organizing team of one can be an enormous amount of work, so if you are planning to grow and develop your group, you will need others around you to help. Here are some tips to identifying people who may be great assets to your Meetup group.

  1. They are team players and are always around
  2. They help without asking
  3. They may be the first to arrive and the last to leave
  4. They participate
  5. They may be keen to organize meetups around their area of interest in WordPress

Quality team members may not be the loudest, most outgoing person there, but the quiet achievers who are loyal and regular attendees are obviously getting a lot out of Meetup and could be quietly encouraged to take on an organizing role.

We also ask everyone associated with a WordPress Chapter Meetup in an official capacity (e.g., organizer, speaker, sponsor) to uphold the principles of the WordPress open source project, including the GPL. This helps protect the user/attendee, who might not realize that by using a non-GPL plugin or theme, they are giving away the rights that WordPress provides them.