In-person Meetup Decision Checklist

As of January 2022, the Community Team has greatly simplified the process of organizing an in-person WordPress meetup (with less than 50 attendees).


  • local public health authorities say people can gather in person, THEN

Local community organizers can (if they want to) plan in-person meetup events for people who:

  • are fully vaccinated, or
  • recently tested negative (in the past 48 hours)
  • while always following local health guidelines!

If you are organizing a WordPress meetup or event with less than 50 attendees, organizers do not need to fill out the in-person safety checklist. We recommend that only fully vaccinated or recently tested negative (within 48 hours) attendees can participate in the event.

If local health authorities allow in-person events, you can directly organize an in-person WordPress meetup for less than 50 attendees (who are fully vaccinated or tested negative for COVID within the last 48 hours) without filling out this in-person decision checklist.
Please note: You must strictly follow local health guidelines for in-person events.

However, if a WordPress event has more than 50 attendees, in-person WordCamp guidelines apply. Refer to the In-person WordCamps handbook page for more information.

When to use this checklist

You only need to fill out this checklist if:

  • Local public health authorities say people can gather in person AND
  • You are organizing a  WordPress Meetup (for more than 50 people) OR a WordCamp AND
  • If your area or venue legally cannot check the vaccination status of attendees.

In this case,  please fill out the checklist at the time of the application, and again at the time of the event. You must pass the checklist both times, if you wish to move forward with your event. Please note that your WordCamp venue must be willing to provide staff who will remind participants to wear masks and check for temperature during the event in this situation. To use this checklist, you will need data from health authorities (the community has compiled a handy list here!) and knowledge of local laws or regulations. 

Here is a visual representation of these guidelines for additional clarity:

Visual representation of the guidelines for organizing in-person WordCamps in 2022

Anonymized feedback will be reflected on the links to frequently referenced health authority data page, and used to improve this process. Fill up the checklist embedded below, or access it by clicking this direct link.

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