Q: Do I have to stay with my child?
A: Yes

Q: I bought a ticket for my child(ren), do I need to buy a ticket for myself in order to stay with them?
A: If you are staying with your child and not attending the classes, then you don’t need to get a weekend ticket, but rather a parent ticket for yourself.

Q: Do I need to bring a laptop?
A: Yes, we do not provide laptops. Tablets can also work although they are slower for many young ones (and adults) to type on.

Q: What ages are appropriate?
A: In order to participate, children should be able to read and write, we recommend ages start at 6 or 7, and onward up to 14 and above.

Q: Is lunch included?
A: Yes, lunch and one snack should be provided each day.

Q: I have a questions not answered here, who should I contact?
A: Link to Your Camps Contact form

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