How to share the Crowdsignal “WordCamp Attendee Survey” results with an organizing team

Hello community deputy!

If you have access to the WordCamp Central Crowdsignal account and needs to share the results of the WordCamp Attendee Survey with a specific WC organizing team, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in your admin Crowdsignal account (if this is not linked to the WC Central Crowdsignal account, please ask to a deputy with access to it).
  2. Click on “Change user” and select “WordCamp Central”1
  3. Select the survey “WordCamp Central Attendee Survey 2016-17”
  4. Click on the name of the city you are seeking results for.2
  5. Click on “Share” at the top right of the survey results.3
  6. In the “Shares” window that appears, scroll down to the address and click “View”. If the address is not found, go to Step 8.
  7. In the “Survey Share” window, click “Email Above Access to User.” You can skip steps  8–11.
  8. If the address is not found, click on “Add new survey share“.4
  9. Introduce the email address of the WordCamp you are going to share the results with and click on “Generate Random Password”. In the field “Filter”, select the name of the WC city and Confirm.5
  10. And now, click on “View” next to the email address of this specific city.6
  11. Copy the info and the report link and send it to the organizing team and/or click on the button “Email above access to user”.7
  12. And that is all! Now the organizing team of this WordCamp can check and export the results of their after-WC survey! 🙂
  13. Tell the organizer that you have sent an email to their address with a link to their survey results. Please note that they will need to log in to the account for and not their own account. Advise them that it is best to do this in a private/incognito window to avoid crossing the streams.