Creating a Crowdsignal (formerly PollDaddy) Account for a WordCamp

  1. Make sure the account is forwarding to the right organizer(s).
  2. Open a private window and go to (this is important — don’t try to just go to
  3. Enter the WordCamp’s official email ( into the Email Address field.
  4. Enter a username like wccityorcountry
  5. Choose a password: changemeorganizer (I know, I know. I’m working on a better way to do this.)
  6. Click on “Create your account.”
  7. The organizer will have to confirm the account creation to be able to access Crowdsignal.
  8. Log in to the WordCamp Central Crowdsignal account as an administrator.
  9. Click on Users on the top level menu.
  10. Click on the button that says “Invite a New User.”
  11. In the pop up window, enter the official email address of the WordCamp ( User role = User. Click “Send Invitation.”
  12. Send the WordCamp organizer this email (there’s a predef):

Hi there XYZORGANIZERNAME! We have set you up with a Crowdsignal account for your WordCamp that you can use for polls or surveys that will easily embed on your WordCamp site. Some organizing teams use this account to gather information from their local community on what they want to see on the WordCamp schedule and what kind of swag they would like to have, for example. Some teams like to use the account for sign up forms and speaker/sponsor/volunteer applications. It is up to you.

To access this account, first you need to confirm the creation of a account that we started for you. The email address for the account is, the username is CITYUSERNAME, and the password is “changemeorganizer.” Please change the password right away. 🙂

Once you activate this new account, you will also be able to access your new Crowdsignal account with your credentials.