Training Community Deputies

We like to train new deputies slowly to make sure no one ends up with more tasks or responsibility than they are comfortable handling. This is a rough outline for training a new deputy:

  1. How to use Help Scout and triage tickets
  2. How to ship swag & lanyards
  3. how to send an organizer agreement
  4. how to send annual Meetup surveys
  5. how to set up a WordCamp listing on
  6. how to create and share a budget document to a WordCamp organizing team
  7. how to set up a Polldaddy account for a WordCamp
  8. mentoring WordCamps
  9. Creating new Meetup groups
  10. Transferring existing Meetup groups
  11. Retiring old Meetup groups
  12. how to vet organizer applicants
  13. how to interview applicants