Organizer Agreements

When a deputy has decided to approve an organizer, the organizer agreement is sent via HelloSign for a digital signature.

Log in to Hello Sign using the deputy credentials provided by Jen Mylo.

Go to Templates in left sidebar.

hellosign landing screen

Under the box on left that says Create Template is a small link that says use existing template. Click that.

hellosign choose template

Hover over the result (WordCamp [Cityname] organizer …) and click the arrow that appears on the right. Choose Use Template.

hellosign use template

Enter the organizer’s name and email address. Scroll through the agreement and wherever you see [city] or other placeholders for name, city, event, etc. Replace them. Hit send.

hellosign replace names

When the organizer has viewed the agreement, and then again when they have signed it, HelloSign will notify us via an email sent to Help Scout. HelloSign also sends a daily summary of how many documents are out for signature.

hellosign notification email cropped

You can also log in at any time to check the status of agreements that are pending. If more than a couple of days goes by without a response, get in touch with the organizer to see what the status is.