The Deputy Program

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You’ve already read on the Welcome page what a community deputy is and why the program was started. This page takes a deeper look at what the responsibilities and requirements are, as well as where you can apply to be a deputy.

 If you need a refresher, you can learn more about Community Deputies in this Tuesday Trainings article.

Why We Need Community Deputies

The Deputy program was started in an effort to both decentralize management of the overall Community program and help with the large volume of daily emails. It started with a small pilot program in October of 2014 and has grown from there.

Deputies are vital to our meetup and WordCamp programs and come from all cultural backgrounds and parts of the world.

Training is done in orientations and through our handbooks, and peer mentoring is an important part. There is not nearly enough full-time Community Team staff members to support all of the meetup groups and WordCamp organizers in the world; our deputy program makes the Make/Community program possible.

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What Community Deputies Do

Here is an example of the types of tasks Deputies do.

  • Email triage in the Help Scout queue for
  • Application processing for Meetups and WordCamps
  • Orientations for Meetups and WordCamps
  • Answer questions in the #community-events channel on Slack and participate in Office Hours
  • Contribute to Community Team discussions and decisions
  • Design, build, and test new tools for

Deputies can also ask for additional training to do these tasks.

  • Zoom reservation management
  • WordCamp mentoring

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Qualifications and Resources

In order to become a Community Deputy you must:

  • Be a very trusted and experienced community member
  • Have experience as a Meetup and WC organizer, preferably as a lead organizer
  • Not have had any previous incidents or conflicts with the Community Team
  • Have good references from other deputies or very trusted members of the community
  • Have finished the required training courses and passed the quizzes
  • Be able to chat with community members on Slack, Google Meet, and/or Zoom

Required training courses:

Recommended courses:

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Get Involved!

If you need more information about becoming a Community Deputy, you can join us in a Community Chat on Slack or ask to join the next Deputy Training Session.

Ready to apply? Fill out the Community Deputy application.

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