do_action: Charity Hackathon

do_action is a charity hackathon that uses WordPress to uplift local communities. The handbook pages for organising do_action events is in the meetup organiser handbook and you can read more about the events there.

This guide is here to give deputies the necessary knowledge to help organisers run their own do_action events.

To start you off, here’s a video explaining how do_action events work, so that you can better support them as a deputy:

And here’s that same video in audio form:

Vetting do_action applications Vetting do_action applications

Vetting do_action applications is exactly the same as vetting normal meetup applications – the only additional thing that you’re looking for is that the city already has an active meetup group that has been meeting regularly for at least 6 months immediately prior to the application coming in.

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Why does do_action need special knowledge? Why does do_action need special knowledge?

While do_action is just another event t hat meetup organisers can put together, we have built some tools (hosted on that offer a huge amount of assistance for this specific event format. An event like do_action has a large amount of admin that goes along with it, and is intended to assist organisers with most of the manual work that would otherwise be incredibly time-consuming.

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What the do_action website offers What the do_action website offers

The do_action website offers a few important things to organisers:

  • A page to advertise the event
  • An automated way of receiving applications from non-profits for the event
  • An automated way of having participants sign up for the event
  • An easy way of displaying sponsor info
  • A back-end tool for email all non-profits and participants, with addressee filtering by role and organisation

These tools cover almost all of the tasks that would otherwise be very manual for anyone organising a do_action event, and the organiser handbook pages for do_action cover how the tools can be used by organisers.

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Adding a new do_action organiser Adding a new do_action organiser

The first step in a do_action event is adding the organiser to In order to do this you need to be in the Deputy role on the site already (please ping @hlashbrooke about getting added to the site as a deputy). Once you are, you simply need to add a new user (Users > Add New) in the Organiser role. Add a username along with their email address and they will be able to login and manage things according to the organiser handbook pages,

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Approving a new do_action event Approving a new do_action event

Organisers are able to create new events with all of their details, but they are not able to be publish them. For this we are using WordPress’ built-in ‘submit for review’ feature, so organisers can create events and submit them for review. After that, a Deputy can approve their event, which will automatically publish it on the site. The criteria for an event to be approved are:

  • The title matches a format like City Year (e.g. “Cape Town 2017”)
  • There is a description of the event in the post content
  • The organiser email address is saved
  • The event has a set date
  • The event has a set venue
  • There is a featured image (must be landscape, but no specific dimensions required)

If all of that is true, then you can approve the event and then notify the organiser that you have done so.